World Book Day-the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The best yet…. reading, watching and participating in the maddest but best tea party ever!

We read the chapter in our book, watched the Disney clip and went over to the table in the corridor to freeze frame the beginning of the chapter- can you spot who is playing the Doormouse? This afternoon our school tea party was a fantastic success and all our jam or marmite sandwiches disappeared.

The World Book Day costumes were also amazing….

4 thoughts on “World Book Day-the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

  1. Wow! Lime class, you look like you had so much fun! Archer really wishes he was still at Woodborough school having fun with you all, he misses his old buddies. Keep up all that fun and good work

  2. What a fantastic day (and week) you have had everybody ! You all look great and it looks as if you had great fun at the Mad Hatters Tea Party !

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