Week 5

This week started with a tricky spelling test on the year 3&4 and the year 5&6 spelling lists. We are going to try very hard to learn at least 5 new words.

“I’m learning stomach.” Daniel.

I’m learning pronunciation.” Jed. “I’m learning controversy” Josephine.

Tom said’ “I got the easy ones wrong and the hard ones right!”

In the afternoon we joined Lime N to create space rocket pictures using felt pens and pastels.

On Tuesday we had double tennis with Mr Dunsford. We also completed our advertisement posters.

In English on Wednesday and Thursday we used our new editing pens to edit our Big Write letters. In the afternoon we used the whole computing lesson to consolidate the new skills we have been learning on SketchUp.

On Thursday we said goodbye to Mrs Davies. Woody said, “Thank you for helping me with my keywords in Oak.” Lucy thanked Mrs Davies for looking after her in Fun Club and Ashley enjoyed reading with Mrs Davies in the afternoons.

It was also our last judo lesson with Mark so we had a competition and Mark gave Georgina, Josephine, Oscar and Fred for their effort, attention and attitude throughout our 10 sessions.

In maths we have been looking at shape and angles. On Friday year 4s have been sorting 2D shapes using Venn diagrams and their own labels (sorting criteria). the year 5s were drawing 2D shapes following instructions including the measurement of straight edges and internal angles. This was very tricky. P1110966


In topic we found out about the Movement of the Moon around Earth; we know the moon takes just under 28 days to orbit the Earth. We drew the different phases of the moon during the lunar month and tried to explain this to each other.


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