Week 5 – Maths and Mothering Sunday

This week began with revision of naming and classifying 2D shapes…

Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Can you name a triangle that has 3 edges which are all equal, with three equal internal angles of 60 degrees?

What do we call this triangle?

Can you describe an Isosceles triangle or a Scalene triangle?

Quadrilaterals are 4 sided shapes. We can describe the properties of a: rhombus, square, trapezium and parallelogram 

We have also been preparing for Mothering Sunday and our Mothers’ Day Service today. Everyone spent a long time thinking about their messages, they were all heart felt and brought a tear to my eye.😌

We hope you enjoy your surprises on Sunday and didn’t cry too much during our Service. I can’t share the photos of the surprise until Monday but I will…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Maths and Mothering Sunday

  1. What beautiful flowers – well done to everyone in Lime Class. Happy Mothering Sunday to Mrs Chapman too!

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