Week 4

This has been a very busy four day week.

Lots of fantastic English homework has been handed in.

We have had our penultimate Judo lesson.

In science, we have made sundials and researched night and day. We watched several BBC Bitesize clips to help us see how the Earth’s rotation gives us night and day. The Kids University of Manchester was also very helpful.

Our advertisements are coming along nicely. We have used laptops and publisher so we can experiment with text size, colour and style. Some of us have added pictures, banners and star bursts.

In maths the year 5s are try to memorise the common fractions and their equivalent decimals and percentages. We have a numberline in class to help us. Perhaps mums and dads would like to test us!


Today the year 5’s went to Warminster School for a sporting morning – tennis and cricket – and a wonderful lunch. Thank you very much everyone who made us so welcome and taught us so many new skills.


One thought on “Week 4

  1. WOW! Lime C really have been busy! I loved seeing all their great work. I am very impressed with the space homework from everyone and would definitely like to try out some of their advertised inventions.

    Well done Lime C from Mrs Awoodun.

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