Thursday-World Science Day

This morning we based our research around this website:

We found out about scientists like-

Dr Isobel Eliza Toom Bennett was one of the most famous Australian marine biologists. In 1933 she became the secretary of the University of Sydney Professor of Zoology, William John Dakin. Consequently, as a research assistant she participated with Professor Dakin and Professor P.D.F. Murray in numerous research projects all around the world and became an expert on Australian marine life and the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef. Dr Bennett took part in the first study of plankton in Australian waters.

We also talked to a friend of Mrs Chapman who lives in Sydney Australia. We asked her questions that we had prepared on Monday.

It was 8pm Thursday and it was 29c… Very hot! She lives near Harbour Bridge and she is also near the Opera House.

She lives right next to a beach!

She also told us about poisonous animals. 

Most of the year 5’s have been out at a football tournament where they all had a good time.

In the afternoon we looked at Australian Native Plants and Animals and made these Poplets on the iPad… 


We have also been compiling all this information in word documents on the laptops and keeping notes in our morning activity books. Mrs Chapman is going to try to put this all together in a Global Week Book!

We are looking forward to Friday…

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