Term Six begins…

Hello and Welcome to term six.

(Wow didn’t that come round quickly!)

greek temple greek muthology

We have started or new topic – The Ancient Greeks

We have already completed timelines, read or watched several Greek Myths and made these wonderful Greek urns in Art.

Today we went to the woods for our marble treat from last term. We had a fantastic time again. Look how everything has grown:

The stream was deeper and flowing faster. Everything was lush and green (including the stinging nettles). We found deer prints and evidence of other animals including lots of different birds singing in the trees.

There was also evidence of other class visits, although we couldn’t find the missing treasure chests that Mrs Partis told us about!

A very busy first few days and the rest of the term is just as busy. Please keep an eye on Mrs Brewis’ Newsletters and don’t forget next week and the following week are shorter for pupils because of our TD days. On the Friday of that third week  Key Stage Two are having an Ancient Greek themed day  – a letter has been sent home – so keep looking on here for pictures of that. After that School Fete and then it’s Art Week and we have already been thinking about which artist we would like to focus on in Lime C.



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  1. How great to be able to make the most of this weather. Exciting times and looking forward to seeing the activities shared on Facebook,thank you for keeping us involved!

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