Term 2 Topic – Science, All Living Things and their Habitats.

On Monday afternoon we started our new topic by reminding ourselves of the 7 Life Processes:


Movement, Reproduction, Senses             Nutrition, Excretion, Respiration, Growth.

The year 4’s then made posters to help us remember these and looked at Habitats.

The year 5’s thought about flowering plants and how they reproduce – seeds and other ways.

We have taken some leaf, stem and root cuttings and we are going to look after them and see if they can grow into new baby plants. 

 Finally we had a look around the raised beds for seed heads and other evidence of reproduction of plants.

P1100788 P1100763

The strawberry plants have new, baby plants (with roots) forming along the length of long runners sent out by the adult strawberry plant.

P1100787 P1100780 Some seed heads are beautiful.

P1100778 P1100777 P1100776 P1100771 P1100769 P1100766 P1100765

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