Term 2 begins, Science- ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Electricity and Sound

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a lovely holiday!

On Monday afternoon we had our first lesson on Electricity.

To start the lesson we all watched a short video clip and had to count as many uses of electricity as we could find. We were all surprised by how many things in our lives rely on electricity of one sort or another.

We then split into small groups and moved around tables with different things on. Each table also had a question to answer.

Remote Control Toys – What makes this toy move?


Operation Game – What causes the buzzer to sound?


Wires, Battery and Bulb – What can you make with these resources?


Finally we discussed our answers and ideas about electricity. We talked about the different types of electricity there are; mains and the National Grid and fuse boxes, batteries, cells and metal, electric shocks and lightning ! Mrs Chapman said our ideas were very interesting. We will spend the rest of the term expanding these ideas and finding the answers to our questions and more!

On Wednesday we designed these ‘Safety around Electricity’ posters.

In English we wrote our ‘cold task’ non chronological reports on electricity and in grammar worked on expanding noun phrases.

In maths we have been using 4 digit numbers and place value,  to order, sort, count on, add and subtract in our heads.


The week ended with our fantastic PTA Bonfire.




2 thoughts on “Term 2 begins, Science- ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Electricity and Sound

  1. Hi Lime Class! Hope you are all having a good term so far. It looks like you had great fun learning all about electricity. Archer would have loved to be there with you – playing with the remote control toys, building circuits and the such like. Fantastic! xx

  2. Once again another very busy week Lime Class, well done…mind you, I’m not sure playing ‘Operation’ was a hardship – i love that game!

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