Take One Book-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

What an amazing start to Book Week!

This morning we all went on a magical journey to discover what our ‘One Book’ would be. It started at the main entrance which had been transformed into a mysterious dark hole. We then went through a magic door which led to: mystical creatures including a dodo; strange nonsensical sign posts; bottles, cakes and keys with ‘eat ‘or ‘drink me ‘ labels; a mad tea party and a giant mushroom and caterpillar. In the library we found a garden with playing card people! It didn’t take us long to guess the name of our book.

Alice in Wonderland…

In the assembly the White Rabbit had left clues to help us find our version of the book. Katelyn read the clue and then Alfie helped find it…

We have a version illustrated by Anthony Browne which has many wonderful pictures in it.

Back in class we read the first chapter and then used Anthony Browne’s illustration to inspire our own descriptions and drawings of falling down the rabbit hole.

We are definitely looking forward to the rest of the week, reading more of our book, looking at more illustrations and meeting the other characters in the story.

3 thoughts on “Take One Book-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  1. What a wonderful way to start the week – your very own Wonderland adventure.

    The descriptions and pictures are great – you have all let your imagination take you into the magical world of Alice. Can’t wait to hear about all the other exciting things you get up to throughout the rest of the week!

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