Stay Safe Workshop for year 3&4

This morning Richard came into school to teach Cherry and Lime how to Stay Safe as a follow up to our Anti Bullying Week. He reminded us that bullying is repetitive unkind behaviour and where there is usually an imbalance of power. He told us about the 4 types of bullying that we might encounter:

Physical , Social, Verbal and Cyber 

And how we should respond…

After our Anti-bullying Week, we were very good at answering his questions. (Zara got lots of 10/10s, so lots of house points too!) We especially enjoyed the role play, challenges and games; although getting toothpaste back into the tube was impossible. We must all remember to tell an adult if we think we are being bullied.

Please remember that it is our class assembly next Friday morning, 9:15am. See you all then!



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