Second half of Global Week

On Thursday we made our Fairtrade cereal bars, using the sugar, honey, rice, raisins and dried blueberries that we have been looking at all week.


2 cups of brown puffed rice


13-10-2016 142515

1/2 cup of raisins

13-10-2016 142818

13-10-2016 142740

Some dried berries, which included blueberries

13-10-2016 142840

Then in another bowl we put

1 dessert spoon of butter

13-10-2016 143300

1 dessert spoon of golden granulated sugar

13-10-2016 143549

And a good heaped dessert spoon of runny honey for each of the five groups.

13-10-2016 143914

We then microwaved this mixture to melt the butter and then mixed it with the rice mixture


Finally we put all our mixtures into one big tray and pushed it down to make it stick. We then left it in the fridge over night.

While we were microwaving the honey mixture we also warmed up the quinoa salad and had a taste… Ava liked it but I don’t think anyone else did!

Once we had tidied up we started on our World Food Day poster collage. We decided to use some of our products (and others used in other classes) to decorate the crop fields. We then used fabric to cover the cows and their field. Meanwhile others used felt-tips to colour in the people, the fence and their house. Oliver and Mrs Elsden then used pumpkin seeds to be the tiles on the rooftop.


We spent the final day of Global Week tasting our cereal bars and designing wrappers for them. We also completed our poster and investigations about our Fairtrade producers. Mrs Elsden helped us record all of this weeks hard work in our Global Week scrapbook with it’s wonderful front cover by Molly. We had a class vote and Molly’s design won, all the other designs are in the scrapbook.

Global Week School Meeting

We had a wonderful week and are now much more knowledgeable about climate  change and agriculture – we are all ‘Making a World of Difference’! Please take a look at our Scrapbook when you come into school. It will be available during parents evenings next week.




6 thoughts on “Second half of Global Week

  1. Goodness me Lime Class you have been busy. How did you fit it all in? It sounds like you had a very exciting week.

  2. What a busy Global Week you have all had and full of yummy things! The finished collage looks great and I am looking forward to seeing your class scrapbook. Well done Lime class.

  3. My goodness guys – you have been busy. If Amelia-Rose eats those yummy bars then i’ll be thanking Mrs Chapman for ever (she doesn’t like anything thats remotely healthy for her!!!)

  4. What a fabulous account of a busy global week. You’ve obviously learnt a great deal. Thank you for sharing your recipe – we will try it at home! I’ve loved all your photos and think all your scrap book designs are brilliant and each is worthy of a place in the front cover. Congratulations to Molly on having hers selected!

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