Road Safety and then Shape in Maths

This week started with a walk along our School path to remind us of the importance of crossing the road safely. We wore our high visibility vests and Ms Dexter was ready in her role as crossing patrol. Mrs Brewis reminded us of all the rules:walking with younger siblings on the inside of us; staying with an adult at all times; walking sensibly,concentrating on the road, and walking correctly around the barriers. She also asked us to remember our neighbours and try to be quiet while we are walking along the field path. 


Maths 3D Shape

We then had great fun naming and describing the properties of 3D shape. 


We used Carroll Diagrams to sort the shapes.  

I made this dodecahedron from a net. A dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces.
We made a pyramid with 8 straws
I made this dodecahedron and a icosahedron with Polydron.
Woody made these shapes and could describe their properties.
I made this icosahedron, it has 20 equilateral triangular faces.

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