Poetry, Book Reviews, Shelfies, Green Screens and Debating!

More news on Book Week so far…

Today we have been very busy presenting our woodland walk poems, completing our book reviews and then having our ‘shelfies’ taken. We then used the green screen to video our reviews.P1110405 P1110406 P1110407 P1110408 P1110411 P1110412 P1110422 P1110423 P1110424


The year 5’s spent an hour this afternoon learning more about debating; we found out about the House of Commons and how debates are used to decide on our laws. We looked at the rules of debating – you need a chairperson or speaker and then a group to propose (support) the motion and a group to oppose (speak against) the motion, after the debate they vote and a democratic decision is made. We then held our own  mini debates… we have some budding politicians.

Book review 1

Book review 2

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