Performance Week

Well done everyone! “When Sasha Got Swept Up The Chimney” was a resounding success… you all worked very hard. Unfortunately we were all so busy we didn’t get any photos of you all in your fantastic costumes. Thank you to all our parents and the support from home – sorting costumes, helping with lines and singing all the songs.

We have also managed to complete our string printing blocks and created our prints in the style of William Morris…

In English we have been reading “How Santa Really Works” by Alan Snow. We then worked in pairs to write our own explanations…P1110045 P1110044 P1110043 P1110042 P1110041 P1110040 P1110039 P1110038 P1110037 P1110036

Mrs Chapman particularly liked:

  • the remote control hand that put the presents under the tree
  • elves that were the result of a cloning accident – Santa trying to clone himself and ending up with an elf!
  • sleighs powered by Stardust
  • giant mince pies made from all the mince pies left out for Santa.

In Maths we have been telling the time with analogue and digital clocks and solving time problems. On Friday Mrs Chapman handed out some holiday homework which included Time – please keep practising !

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