First we put our knee and elbow pads on.Then we put on are helmets. And then we held on to our partners hand and jumped on to are skateboard. Then we held the persons hand and pushed down the playground. After that, we learnt how to push off all on our own. We learnt how to flick the skateboard. This was easy…with practice.

We had lots of fun and hope to do it again.

Written by Luca and Hattie

Potion and spells

This afternoon, in topic we learnt about irreversible and reversible changes. To start of the lesson we did an irreversible potion by mixing vinegar and milk together to make a modelling clay sort of like play dough. Then we got sorted into four groups two sets of three and two sets of four. On a sheet in our groups we had to fill out answer and predict what might happen most of us predicted it would foam fizz and erupt. We used jugs and spoons for our equipment. We put vinegar in pots and filled it up (1tsp) with bicarbonate of soda. The reaction happened and it erupted out of some jugs.

House rounders

Today in the morning year 5+6 and also some year fours to even it up competed in the house rounders competition. Jupiter won with Venus in close second Mercury in third with Mars house coming forth place. We all had lots of fun running and smashing the ⚾️. All of us did really well and played a big part of houses.

Fire talk

Today we had a fire talk and Caroline , the instructor,told us how to keep safe if there is a fire in our house. We also watched a couple of examples of how a fire could start. She said that even the tiniest things could set alight! Unbelievably they also go onto lakes and rivers to go and save someone. They help animals and people from houses that are set on fire. We were given a few activities to try and solve:

  • Were are the dangers in this living room.
  • What do you have to have to start a fire.
  • In a house place the fires and try and find the quickest and safest route to get out.

We really enjoyed it!

David & Isabel

Potions and capacity

In maths we were mixing potions and finding the capacity of the potion. To find how much of each ingredient we needed we had to work out maths questions the ingredients were:frogs breath,mountain haze,troll bogies,inky slime,tear drops of faerie and to finish our potions we needed dragon’s blood but before we could use it we needed to answer a maths question. We enjoyed making lots of different I