Our first day in Lime

image We had a very busy day getting to know our new classroom. image image image

We tried some ERIC activities (guided reading) and place value games (maths) this morning. This afternoon we had our first look at the Romans. We looked at timelines and thought about possible answers to-

Why did the Romans invade Britain?

We have also talked about important things to remember though out the week and put these in our homework diaries. For example, our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday and we must remember spelling books on Mondays and to hand in maths and English homework on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Well done everyone.

4 thoughts on “Our first day in Lime

  1. Goodness, what a busy day and lots of information! I think you’re going to have a good time in Year 4… you all looked very interested in the beginning of your Romans topic when I popped across this afternoon!

  2. What a very busy day you had Lime class. I hope to see some of your timelines in KS2 school meeting a week on Friday. Mrs Johanson.

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