Fabulous Judo

This afternoon in judo we did the seatbelt throw or any throw of your choice. We did 4 contests for standing judo, last week did kneeling judo. Next week we have are contests we have 7 of them. We play 7 people. At the end we play a kneeling and standing match. After all of that we play fun games like the belt game were our coach (Mark) has to throw it & you & your partners get numbers so you know when you need to go. And the crawling game were someone is in the middle on his hands & knees & everyone else crawls & try’s to get across to the other side. Also 1of the games is the penguins and killer wales game. One person will be picked to be the killer wales by Mark the person will go on his bum and try to get the penguins the penguins on there knees and hands on there collars and try not to fall over or get court by the killer whale.

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