Evacuee reinactment

Yesterday we had a great day in Ks2. We started the day with a farewell from all of the children, ready to take their evacuee journey. We wrote on our labels and then all gathered in the waiting area. The air raid siren went off and we all escaped back to the classroom to hide under the chairs.

We explored what it would be like to be an evacuee and even experienced and air raid siren! ( multiple times).

We studied what rationing was and did some wartime maths to understand how it impacted upon families. It was tricky to work out your rations for a whole week.

After this we wrote postcards home. This was a message to our loved ones telling them how our journey was and if the family who selected us were being kind.

To extend our rationing knowledge we had a material ration book and we had to go and select some material to make a ‘make do and mend’ toy. This will be part of art lessons over the next few weeks. The children were trying to get as few crosses in their ration books as possible. Some succeded!

The day ended with a reinactment of VE Day, each class contributed a wartime treat and some British decoration. It was a great start to the topic.

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