Term 1

Our English lessons this term will link very closely with our topic work.

In our first term we are looking into Earth and Space. We will be doing talk for writing on a newspaper article about the sending humans to Mars. We will then be applying our knowledge and writing an article about what Lime class think about this exploration, as it will impact their future.

Term 2
In term 2 we will be reading some kennings poems and carrying out some fiction writing around the Anglo Saxons.

Term 3

In term 3 we will be focusing on non chronological reports and this will be linked to the Mayans.

Term 4

In term 4 we will discover the awe and wonder of forces and gravity. We will be writing a piece about waking up on Earth with the moons gravity

Term 5

In term 5 we will be studying North America and focusing on brother bear ( set in Alaska) for some inspiration on character and setting descriptions.

Term 6

In term 6 we will be looking at persuasive writing surrounding the books on why the crayons quit.

Every week we will having spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons. We are also using Talk for Writing.