Book Week

Book Week started, for Lime C, with a walk to the woods where we found inspiration for our outdoor poems. We took clipboards to make notes and sketches, iPads to take photos and the class camera too.

We had to look, listen, feel and smell, taking in and enjoying our surroundings.

Here are some of the photographs we took and a video recording of the birds singing too.

Bird Song

We were all inspired by our trip and will post some of our poems when they are finished.

This afternoon we shared Sycamore Classes favourite books…

As always, we enjoyed this very much.

2 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. What a lovely way to begin Book Week in Lime (C) Class. I’m looking forward to hearing your poems after an inspirational visit to the woodland. I’m sure Sycamore Class enjoyed sharing their books too!

  2. Looks like there was loads to inspire you on your woodland trip. Really looking forward to hearing some of Lime C’s poems.

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