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Anglo Saxon topic

So today in topic we did some class orienteering. We had to pair up and we were given a sheet, we had to find 8 sheets with facts on and write down all the important facts on the sheet we were given. It was very fun, every sheet we got, we learnt more and more about Sutton Hoo and what it was. We found out that Sutton Hoo was some land that was full of graves and left over treasure of the Anglo Saxons.

After that we tried are school-made soup people thought it wast that nice but we all agreed that it was very parsnipy and sweet. Belle E bring in some garlic bread and mixed herb bread, we all thought it was all delicious!!😄 and after that we had a Anglo Saxon biscuits we all thought it was amazing 😉

Global Week

This week we will be focusing on the great outdoors.In Monday’s assembly each class got a leaf or fruit to represent their class.We got a Lime to represent Lime class.Each class got a raised bed to decorate with flowers and greenery. On Monday afternoon we discussed which plants we were going to put in our raised beds.We want to put in there strawberry’s, sun flowers, some herbs and perhaps a Lime tree.Miss P-S also said that we will drill the lime onto the side of the raised bed so we know it’s defiantly ours. We will be painting it this week so keep an eye out for it outside ! Also we went outside for maths as part of outdoor learning in global week and did short multiplication. Have a look!