Art Week in Lime Class

This year’s Art Week was all about the six main Christian values for our school. It also found everyone in school working together in mixed age groups. In lime class we were looking at Truthfulness .  As well as investigating our value in class, everyone went to work with Mrs Bethnal, on a Truthfulness banner.

On Monday we thought about what colours, objects, animals and words came to mind when we thought about what Truthfulness means to us.

These are pictures of us doing our Truthfulness rap.

On Tuesday, with Mrs Crichard, we painted our beautiful butterflies-a symbol used as a truth charm. We then read the story of the tax collector, Zaccheaus. Then we went outside to make freeze frames of the story.

On Wednesday we learnt our dance, ready for our performance on Friday afternoon, with  Cheryl from Marlborough Academy of Dance.  We used the freeze frame photos to help us think about what being truthful,  honest and true to yourself means.


On Thursday we practised our dance and made handprints to add to our Truthfulness Tree. After this we listened to another story, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, an Aesop Fable that told us what could  happen if we are dishonest or tell lies. Here is our collage of the story…


And finally everything came together in our Art Week school meeting.

The banners look amazing…

Thank you Mrs Barrett for planning the whole week, we had a fantastic time.

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