Text Maps and Maths

This week we started the ‘Sound’ part of our science topic with a video clip of sounds around the home. Some were very easy to identify; others not so!

In English we listened to a non-chronological report on Sound. As a class we worked on the introduction and then in groups,  we took a paragraph and thought of our actions and drew our text maps.

When we had all finished we shared them with the rest of the class. It was lovely to see just how many of us could remember so much of our paragraph, with just the help of actions and picture prompts. Keep repeating these to help you when we write our individual non-chronological reports at the end of next week.


To complete our work on subtraction we used ‘Thinking Blocks’ on the iPads to help us visualise word problems. The blocks helped us see what operation (+ or -) we needed to use to solve word problems.

If we know the total (biggest) number and one of the smaller numbers, then we could see that we had to subtract the smaller amount from the total to find the missing amount.

If we were given the two smaller amounts then we could see that we had to add these together to find the total.

The word problems became progressively harder. Some of us complete this first model and had a go at more complex word problems with more than one step required to solve them.

The pantomime came to school on Tuesday afternoon. We had a wonderful time watching Aladdin. We have also been very busy rehearsing for The Little Shepherd. One more week and then performances! Please learn all your words for songs and costumes should be in school on Thursday. We think there may have been some confusion over villagers costumes because of a note on the costume swap email. So just to clarify,  we would like the villagers to wear traditional nativity costumes, similar to shepherds or Joseph and Mary.

Next Friday is our PTA Christmas fayre and we will be making edible stained glass window decorations, so please come along to buy them! Mrs C😀


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