Monthly Archives: December 2020

RE, Golden Time, Raft building and Christmas Production Line

Our key question in RE this term: How significant is it that Mary was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus.

We started by looking at paintings of Mary – how were they similar and how were they different. Then we read some verses from the Bible that tell us about her. We discussed what characteristics she might have from our research and, if she lived today, what she might be like.

Golden Time

Golden Time is a little different this year but we’re still having fun. We have it on Monday afternoons. Earlier on in the year, we had extra play time on the field but now we’re doing board games & construction in the classroom.

Raft Building

We’re loving our class book, The Explorer. We thought we’d recreate a scene where the main characters build a raft to try and get home. Ours were much smaller! Perhaps that made them trickier to make…

Christmas Production Line

With no Cake Breaks this year, School Council have been looking at alternative ways of raising some money (we’ve already spent some on playground equipment). Each class is making something  Christmassy which we are hoping to sell to our lovely parents! We’ve been hard at work and will be sending details home next week.