Monthly Archives: November 2020

Fantastic Maps in Global Week

Lime Class started Global Week by learning all about latitude and longitude. We used the co-ordinates and atlases to find and name countries around the world. We then had a quiz to guess landmarks/ cities around the world from 5 clues.

Our new class book is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell which is set in the Amazon jungle. We researched the area and made our own maps using our map book as inspiration. We found out about lots of different animals who inhabit the area and included these in our work.

We used Google Earth to find out about landmarks in America (our new topic is North America). Some of us took a tour round The White House; decided that it would be pretty difficult to escape from Alcatraz island, and ‘wowed’ at the Grand Canyon. Walt Disney World in Florida was put on some travel bucket lists! Of course, we then had to find our own houses and Woodborough School.

We ended the week by making clay maps of America. We cut out the outline; scored on the main rivers & lakes and pinched up The Rockies.

We also had our winner in the School Council’s Autumn Lantern competition…

Well done!




Forces and Descriptive Writing

Lime Class investigated gravity and air resistance by making parachutes and then testing them to find out which one had the best design.  The children all thought about the materials they would need with ideas ranging from plastic to cardboard. There was also a range of different sizes.

We then had to launch them outside (trying to keep it a fair test) and time their descent. The winning parachutes were…

In our work on forces we also investigated the fulcrum point with rulers and weights. We found that by moving the ruler, we could balance a larger weight on one end and a smaller weight on the other.

We spent the last days of the term improving our descriptive writing. Here are Poppy’s and Polly’s which on display in the main building.