Monthly Archives: October 2020

Art, English & Long Multiplication!

Lime Class got together at the end of the day and decided what they wanted to write in their blog.


It was really fun doing clay. We were trying to show energy and movement in our work like the futuristic artists of the early 1900’s. We looked at the work of Umberto Boccioni.

We also looked at his paintings – they could be a little abstract!

Non – Chronological Reports

Throughout last week, we were writing non-chronological reports about the planet Pandora. We wrote in sections using sub-headings and tried to use brackets, subordinating conjunctions, fronted adverbials and prepositions! Wow!

Long Multiplication

We’ve begun work on long multiplication and some of us found it difficult to begin with. (I think they’re trying really hard!)

Finley has set this word problem for anyone reading this to work out.

There are 31 people in Lime Class. Each person has 67 pencils. How many pencils altogether?