Monthly Archives: September 2020

A busy time in Lime!

Wow! What a busy first few weeks. We’re all getting back into the flow of being back at school and understanding and getting used to the ‘new way of doing things.’

RE Day

We’ve already had RE day. Our theme this year was inspirational people and we looked at Malala Yousalzal.  Have a look at our part in the school video on the website where we talk about her life and achievements and her famous words at the United Nations – “One teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

”I think she was inspirational and I really enjoyed learning about her.” Molly

English – Non-chronological Reports

We’re getting really excited about our English work. We’ve watched a short film about the imaginary planet Pandora and are busy discussing and having a go at writing our non-chronological reports. Several of the children have told me that they are going to watch the full film –  lovely enthusiasm!

George is enjoying writing about the diarhorse appearance  “ … because I can use my imagination.”

Here is some shared writing by Ethan, Riley, Sam and Jacob.

The Diarhorse’s Diet

The diarhorse drinks from the flowers on Pandora. It chooses the orange flowers which grow by the rivers of Pandora. This type of flower (the honey flower) absorbs water from the river. The pollen transforms the water into honey. When the diarhorse drinks from these flowers, it flows through its body and gives it extra energy and speed.

The diarhorse is an omnivore. It eats leaves, bark, grass , Pandora salmon and other seafood. Usually the diarhorse eats in a herd of 10.


We’re studying the ‘futuristic movement’ of the early 20th century and have looked at a couple of paintings by Italian artists from that period. We’re trying to reproduce their paintings and techniques.

”I could really see the difference between using the oil pastels and the water colours.I preferred using the pencils because they were great for the small strokes.”

Virtual Visitors

We’ve had two virtual visitors to talk to us so far. The local MP, Danny Kruger,  answered our questions about the impact Coronovirus was having on the environment.

The author Maz Evans spoke to us as part of the Marlborough Literature Festival. She was really passionate about her writing and we asked some brilliant questions. Ranulf asked her if being an author made her a lot of money! She replied that she loved her job but if her book sells for £6.99, she only receives 36p!

Finley “ I enjoyed seeing other people in school.”

We’ve also had time to do Christmas Cards for the PTA and it’s only September!