Monthly Archives: September 2019

Marlborough literature festival

Lime class had a fantastic time at the festival on Friday. John Dougherty filled the room with laughter and was brilliant at bringing his characters to life. We even got a copy of his book signed for Lime class.

Congratulations to Elizabeth who received highly commended for her beautiful recreation of gangsta granny.

Global Week

This week we will be focusing on the great outdoors.In Monday’s assembly each class got a leaf or fruit to represent their class.We got a Lime to represent Lime class.Each class got a raised bed to decorate with flowers and greenery. On Monday afternoon we discussed which plants we were going to put in our raised beds.We want to put in there strawberry’s, sun flowers, some herbs and perhaps a Lime tree.Miss P-S also said that we will drill the lime onto the side of the raised bed so we know it’s defiantly ours. We will be painting it this week so keep an eye out for it outside ! Also we went outside for maths as part of outdoor learning in global week and did short multiplication. Have a look!

Drama and Debates!

Today in Lime class we had a brilliant English lesson filled with drama. We made phone calls to each other pretending that we were astronauts going into space with the 2030 Mars manned mission. Of course we had to imagine we were 11 years into the future. Some brilliant conversation revolved around how they were feeling and their astronaut training.🌚🚀

In topic, we looked into heliocentric and geocentric theories of the universe. We took inspiration from a debate seen between Galileo and Copernicus and voted on who was the best scientist and why. We then wrote our own debates from the perspective of our chosen scientist and performed some of them to the class. 🌍🌕


Every Monday after lunch year 5s go into the hall to do fencing. We have to wear special masks ,jackets and swords.In our lessons we have learnt to fence, lunge and special fencing footsteps.In today’s lesson we played a game to test how quick you are on your feet and if you could grab the glove that people had behind them.


In maths we did multi part problem solving, we solved questions like part whole models, bar models and last but definitely not least we played strike them out a fun number game that the aim was to get your opponent out by making sure they can’t use any number combination.

Written by Inigo

Scaling down our solar system

Today, Lime class investigated the planets and how far away everything was in our Milky Way. They had to interpret data and recreate a scaled modal of our solar system. Did you know that if the sun was the size of a football that would make Mercury the size of a poppy seed? Well…. if you didn’t, you do now! Have a look!

Learning about the Phases of the moon.

Today we learnt how our moon works it was very fun and fascinating because we used OREOS! We found out that the moon didn’t disappear it is just the shadow and at we got to eat the OREOS in our groups. These are some of the names of the moon the full moon, the Gibbous moon, the crescent moon and the new moon.🌕🌖🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌔🙂🤯


First we put our knee and elbow pads on.Then we put on are helmets. And then we held on to our partners hand and jumped on to are skateboard. Then we held the persons hand and pushed down the playground. After that, we learnt how to push off all on our own. We learnt how to flick the skateboard. This was easy…with practice.

We had lots of fun and hope to do it again.

Written by Luca and Hattie