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Rocking Romans!

This afternoon in Topic we learned about what Romans wore. We found out that they wore: Helmets which had different coloured frills depending on what rank they were, shoulder armour which was made of soft iron, Tunic which did not offer protection against horrible weather, Groin protection which was made up of leather strips which were decorated. It was extremely fascinating!

Written by Eliza and Minnie.


This afternoon, we created bright and vivid Mother’s Day posters for our Mother’s Day assembly on Friday. Everyone’s posters have something that they love about their mums on. For example some people have written they love their mum because they give up time and others they help me with my homework. Beth’s one had loads of stars and musical notes on. India’s poster had her mums favourite colours and had leaves going around them.

We can’t wait to show them in assembly, we think they all look amazing!!!

This was a really fun and creative afternoon and we hope everyone likes our artworks.

Beth and India

Fabulous Judo

This afternoon in judo we did the seatbelt throw or any throw of your choice. We did 4 contests for standing judo, last week did kneeling judo. Next week we have are contests we have 7 of them. We play 7 people. At the end we play a kneeling and standing match. After all of that we play fun games like the belt game were our coach (Mark) has to throw it & you & your partners get numbers so you know when you need to go. And the crawling game were someone is in the middle on his hands & knees & everyone else crawls & try’s to get across to the other side. Also 1of the games is the penguins and killer wales game. One person will be picked to be the killer wales by Mark the person will go on his bum and try to get the penguins the penguins on there knees and hands on there collars and try not to fall over or get court by the killer whale.


Yesterday, Lime class started their business venture and sold cookie dough and hot chocolate to Woodborough school. We raised a total of £95.65 and thank you all for the support we got. Some of the money we have raised will be going towards the Hawk and Owl Trust to help preserve wildlife. We hope you all enjoyed the products!

Thank you again,

From Lime Class

Cookie dough

Today we made cookie dough for tomorrow’s lime class sale where we are going to be selling them for 50p a bag of 4 and hot chocolate for 20p . We had a lot of fun making them with with Mrs Tregoning. We will be making the hot chocolate tomorrow morning and we will be selling them at break time. Also after school you can grab a bite if you have a 20p and 50p. Half of this money will be going to a charity of our choice and the other half is going to our school.

World book day!

Today was world book day! It was so fun we dressed up as inspirational people in the world some came as Steve Irwin or Amelia Earhart and most popular was Emmeline Pankhurst. We practiced out year 5/6 debate and can’t wait to share this with you tomorrow.

Lime class presentation

This morning we had our Lime class presentation in this we shared our English non chronological report on Mars which we all shared a sentence or two about different things about Mars . After that we went back to our tables which we then introduced to the parents then they came to explore. We had a English, maths, art, RE, computing, topic and Spanish. The English table were showing the parents how to included fronted adverbials and parenthesis in there sentences. The maths table were testing the adults on ttrockstars the fastest contester was Mrs Phillips .