Monthly Archives: February 2019


In the afternoon, we did judo with our hilarious judo teacher we practised 3 steps. Number 1- fake throw.

Number 2- real throw.

Number 3- squash your partner.

The funniest bit of the judo lesson was the game called’ saddle back’. First, you stand behind your partner and when Mark says go ( in Japanese) you run around the mat and then jump on your partner. The aim of the game is not to be last on your partners back.

Written by Izzy and Minnie.

Squash for skittles

This afternoon we did squash for PE we started it by doing some warm ups which included squats and when we came up we punched the air and some star jumps and normal jumps in lots of 8 6 4 and 2 . Then we went into some matches which if you won you would move one way across the hall. Then for some final matches whoever one that got a little box of skittles. We all enjoyed the matches.

Freddie and Ollie


In judo we are learning three pieces of judo in preparation for our test! Mark is our judo teacher and he is very funny. In judo (if we have been good) we get to play a game that involves judo. Today was probably our favourite and we had a go at a new game!!! There potatoes and carrots were the two teams, potatoes won the first round and the next win was the carrots! Both rounds were incredibly fun!

Written by Isabel and Harry.P ( who were both in carrots)