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Marvellous maths day!!!

Today, was Maths day! This is when the whole school does maths a lot throughout the day. We started the morning with whole class reading and then did some fantastic fractions. After break, we did some rock science to see which type of rocks were permeable and non-permeable. We then turned the results into a pie chart.

In the afternoon, we made maths games. It was super fun! We didn’t get round to finish them but we will soon. To finish the day off , we researched facts about if there is life on mars. This is for the ‘youth speaks’ competition between year5 and 6! Today was amazing!

Amelie and Tiffany

Perfect PSHE & tremendous topic

This afternoon we did PSHE and topic.

In PSHE we wrote our pitches for our product. In the pitch we had to introduce ourselves and then say what our product was about and what the team name is called. We also had to say what we would do with any of our profits, such as giving back to the school or charity.

In topic we learnt why we have day and night. This involves the sun staying still and the earth rotating on its axis which creates day and night.

The life exhibition

This afternoon we went to Pewsey church and we learnt about Jesus there were 3 tents one was called the blue tent, it was about Jesus doing miracles. The second one was called the red tent and it was about his lifeline. Lastly there was the green tent and that was about things that were said about Jesus. They were all very interesting and we enjoyed them. After we went in the tents we went in a dome and we watched a video about Jesus being crucified. At the end we had some questions to answer on a telly. Right at the end the people running it gave us all drinks. ( full of sugar but delicious )

Written by Freddie and Harry M


In the morning, we did English and we were saying things that need to go in descriptive writing. One of the things were senses,so we went back our seats and wrote adjectives for look,feel,taste,smell and hear.

Here are a few examples: the mystical orb melts into nothing.

Mars is as quiet as a mouse.

The glistening star of the astonishing Milky Way lights up my eyes.

Also in Guided Reading we read the blurb of a book but it was wrapped up so we didn’t know what book it was but then Miss Papworth-Smith said you can open it then we found out it was George and the blue moon. After that we read a little of it and wrote some things in our Guided Reading book and discussed it.

Written by Minnie and Alexander!

Back to basics (judo)

This afternoon, lime class went into the hall and did judo.

Our teacher was Mark and he taught us lots of things that we did last year such as turnovers into pin, a new throw which was over the shoulder and other fun and games that involve lots of skills that we learnt . We were split up in partners and we had to side step to our partner 180 turn and kneel in front of them and then our partner rested there arm on our chest . We would hold it and flip them over our shoulders. We had lots of fun we can’t wait to do it next week!

Hana and Dougal

Cool computing!

This morning,in computing we were using Inkscape to make tessellation art out of shapes. Using triangles, squares and pentagons we also learnt different techniques such as: outlining the shapes, changing the colour of them and flipping them. It was quite difficult but we really enjoyed it we can’t wait to do it again!

By Minnie and Freddie