Monthly Archives: October 2018

Foottastic football

This afternoon,we played football in P.E. Harry M and William were team captains and got to pick the teams ! Dougal,Adam, Minnie,Tiffany,Jonty,Harry M,Hana and Eliza were on Harry M team. On William’s  team was William , Oliver,Alexander,Teddie,Harry P,Isabel,Amelie.   William’s team struck first by Oliver’s goal which made them 1-0 but then Harry’s team scored 2 goals next by Jonty and Dougal then the scores were 1-2 then  Thomas scored a goal. The scores ended 2-2!⚽️⚽️

Our excellent English

Lately in English, we have been preparing for writing our narrative. We’ve boxed up our text which is called ‘A Morning without hearing’. It is about a girl called Molly who was deaf and then the school bus goes over a speed bump and her hearing comes back. Now we have to write our own.

Dramatic Dance

This afternoon, we are doing a dance based on a particular animal in each colour house. Jupiter are crocodiles and impalas, Mars is based on the lion king song “ I just can’t wait to be king”, Venus are jellyfish and Mercury are Kung Fu Pandas. We all can’t wait to be the stars of the show!


Magnificent Maths

Today in maths we did a crazy thing on our tables. The whole class was very excited. We answered some questions from a sheet. Then, wrote down the entire question with white board pens ON our tables. You could start on A, B or C these represent Mild,Medium and Spicy. We all enjoyed it and hope we can do it sometime soon!


Isabel and Dougal

Extraordinary English!

Yesterday, we wrote our against paragraph for our balanced argument. We have already written our introduction and for paragraph. Each of us have thought of a question to write about which is linked to electricity. We have researched lots of information to put into our hot tasks. There’s  only one more paragraph to go!

Global Week

What an exciting start to the week. Inter house dance competitions and a fantastic book to centre our learning. Learning all about how to save animals and their different habitats. Tomorrow we will be doing lots of exciting topic lessons. Stay tuned for updates.