Monthly Archives: September 2018

Footballs galore

This afternoon, in P.E, we did football and played games of attackers getting  through three boxes with one defender in each. We were very competitive with the games and we all had a great time. The best part of this was playing two games at the end.

Teddie & Hana

Cam mechanisms

Today we had DT where we looked at cam mechanisms for the second time! The children designed their own moving mechanism, thinking really carefully about the different movements each cam makes! We labelled our diagrams and had some fantastic designs. Some of these included: new years eve fireworks, kangaroos, a circus display and many more. Stay tuned for the finished products.


We have been learning all about simple circuits in Lime class. Today, we explored how the electrons move around the circuit. We also explored light bulbs and the resistance that they add to a circuit, using a hula hoop! Lastly, we played a quiz, to buzz in to the game you had to of made a working circuit with a buzzer attachment. It was fun….and noisy.