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Term 6, week 2 Teeth!

Another busy week, without Mrs Chapman for the first 3 days!

On Monday everyone should have been given their new ‘prefix’ spellings. We have also spent all week looking at Time in maths. Homework is to be handed in on the 27th June.

In science we have been focusing on Teeth … we looked at ‘baby’ and adult human teeth. We know the different types of teeth we have and the different jobs they do. We also looked at different animals teeth and how their teeth link to the type of food they eat – herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

On Thursday we made model teeth…

Definately some potential dentitions!

As promised here are the pictures of our Digestive System models.

Have a lovely extended weekend and we will see you on Thursday, ready for Legoland on Friday!


Term 6 – Science, the Human Digestive System

Everyone has really enjoyed our first science lesson this term. Our following Art lesson started with a practical demonstration of the digestive system.

Here are the pictures, please ask us to explain what is happening in each one…

We have this model in class to help us…

We did show a couple of our finished collages in school meeting but we will put them all on here when they are completed.