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Our Ascension Day Walk up Woodborough Hill

We had a wonderful day yesterday, here are some of our descriptions of the walk…

Woodborough Hill

Woodborough Hill walk

Our walk to Woodborough Hill

Our trip up woodborough hill

Ascention day editing

Ascension day walk 2017 25

Across The Hill

A trip to Woodborough Hill for Ascention Day ava

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

Please note there was no English or Maths holiday homework set but please keep reading, using Mathletics and Timestables Rock Stars. There will be a spelling lesson on the first Monday back so please have a look at those and bring you books in on Monday.

Thank you

Mrs C

The Music Man came to visit and Our final States of Matter experiment.

Yesterday ‘Music for Schools’ came to Woodborough to tell the Key Stage 2 children about the opportunities they have to learn new brass and woodwind instruments. As always the Music Man was very entertaining and the children are now very enthusiastic to try something new; so if they have brought a letter home please come along to see for yourselves tomorrow evening.

The excitement continued back in class when we made chocolate crispy cakes as our final experiment in our science topic- States of Matter.

Evaporation, Precipitation, Discussion, Dogs Trust and Dance

It’s only Wednesday and we’ve already done so much this week…

On Monday afternoon we repeated our ice cube experiment because we were surprised by the results last week. We measured the temperature in the classroom, in the cupboard, in our hands and outside. We then made  predictions- we said that  the ice cube outside would be the last to melt, as that was the coldest place. Last week this didn’t happen; in fact when we checked outside, as soon as the classroom one had melted, there was no sign of any ice in the pot. We thought it might be because it was very light and sunny outside. So, to check we did the same experiment on Monday as it wasn’t sunny; in fact it was dull, colder and windy. Guess what … the same thing happened! We have been thinking about why this might be. At the same time we looked at the evaporation and condensing of water.


Condensing or precipitation 

We made it rain in the jars.


In class!



The water evaporated much quicker outside, although the 50ml of water in each of the different containers hadn’t noticeably changed.

Finally we are trying to show transpiration from plants but this is proving very tricky. We will keep you informed.

Our work on Discussion Texts is progressing well and we are very nearly ready for our Hot Task.

On Tuesday Emily from the dogs trust came to school and led a maths based workshop, investigating the cost of keeping a dog.

This afternoon we had our forth dance lesson and had a go at Jazz. It had several similarities to the Charleston but was a little more challenging…

Also here are pictures of Molly and Nicholas’ crystal flower  and Zara’s beautiful Fairy door (KS2 school meeting).

Sikhism, Discussions, Crystal Flowers and the Water Cycle

Week 2 and 3 of term 5 have flown by…

We have started looking at Sikhism and our big question is “How do Sikhs show commitment to God?” We know Sikhs believe in one god and the importance of sharing and treating everyone as equals. They wear the ‘five K’s’. This week we have thought about the meaning of commitment, we had a debate on vegetarianism and had to argue our case with commitment. This was great fun but also very interesting.


This debate also linked with our English genre of discussion text. We completed our cold tasks last week and this week we completed our text maps of our exemplar text, held another debate on mobile phones in school and looked at the use of sequencing conjunctions and logical conjunctions and how  to use them in discursive texts.In our Computing lessons we have been using Scratch to draw Crystal Flowers, using repeat algorithms and nested repeat instructions. We can draw beautiful geometric patterns.


In science and art we have been looking at the water cycle and made a collage of the natural water cycle and then we wrote our own labels explaining the process.

It is a KS2 meeting tomorrow and we will be showing our water cycle then. We have also been preparing for a visit from James Thomas from BBC Wiltshire teatime show, so listen out for news from Woodborough School.

We sang our Spanish counting song and then Zara and Magnus told James all about it. Listen in next week to hear what they said.

Please note that I have not set English homework today (Friday) but it will be sent home Monday.