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Week 5 – Maths and Mothering Sunday

This week began with revision of naming and classifying 2D shapes…

Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Can you name a triangle that has 3 edges which are all equal, with three equal internal angles of 60 degrees?

What do we call this triangle?

Can you describe an Isosceles triangle or a Scalene triangle?

Quadrilaterals are 4 sided shapes. We can describe the properties of a: rhombus, square, trapezium and parallelogram 

We have also been preparing for Mothering Sunday and our Mothers’ Day Service today. Everyone spent a long time thinking about their messages, they were all heart felt and brought a tear to my eye.😌

We hope you enjoy your surprises on Sunday and didn’t cry too much during our Service. I can’t share the photos of the surprise until Monday but I will…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Week 4 Danceathon and William Morris Art

We completed our 20 minutes dancing with Oak class and had a great time. Please can I remind everyone that our sponsorship forms and money should be returned on Monday.

Well done Lime class.

In art this week we looked at the work of William Morris, a famous Victorian artist and designer. We looked at his textile and wallpaper prints and then had a go at drawing them ourselves.

Week Three

On Monday morning KS2 had a Stay Safe Assembly with the NSPCC. We met Blot and heard all about Child Line.

Ask any of us the number and we will show you how we remember it…08001111

We were also reminded to say S  T O P!

S – several










In the afternoon we continued our exploration of the Victorians and Victorian life…

We looked at how life changed during Queen Victoria’s reign. We also had a good look at our school as the oldest parts are typical  of Victorian school buildings…


Also here are a few pictures of our rose bush in the library, that were omitted from last weeks blog.

Who Stole the Tarts and Alice’s Evidence

And so to the last two chapters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

We have had a wonderful week, ending with our performance of the Lobster Quadrille in school meeting. Congratulations  to Ava who won the book cover competition.

Here are a few more pictures of completed illustrations and our entries for the competition.

Maths today was based on the White Rabbits pocket watch that had Roman numerals on its face. First we had to work out what numbers these were then we had to solve some tricky time problems. Some of us filled a page with Roman numerals!

We have all enjoyed a fabulous week in Wonderland! 😀

World Book Day-the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The best yet…. reading, watching and participating in the maddest but best tea party ever!

We read the chapter in our book, watched the Disney clip and went over to the table in the corridor to freeze frame the beginning of the chapter- can you spot who is playing the Doormouse? This afternoon our school tea party was a fantastic success and all our jam or marmite sandwiches disappeared.

The World Book Day costumes were also amazing….