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Day Two – Top Hats, Cheshire Cats, Tears, Long Tails and Caucus Races

This morning Lime Class made their Mad Hats for our tea party Thursday, with Mrs Crichard and Mrs Bethel.

We then did symmetry in maths; completing a smiling face of the Cheshire Cat.



This afternoon, after RE, we read about ‘The Pool of Tears’ and ‘The Caucus Race’. We met a lot of very wet birds and animals including a mouse, a dodo and a lory. (We now know a lory is a type of parrot-the pictures on the iPad were very colourful.)

We also watched the animated Disney clip of the Caucus Race, which just looked like running around in circles!

Tomorrow we are meeting the Queen of Hearts and learning the Lobster Quadrille!






Take One Book-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

What an amazing start to Book Week!

This morning we all went on a magical journey to discover what our ‘One Book’ would be. It started at the main entrance which had been transformed into a mysterious dark hole. We then went through a magic door which led to: mystical creatures including a dodo; strange nonsensical sign posts; bottles, cakes and keys with ‘eat ‘or ‘drink me ‘ labels; a mad tea party and a giant mushroom and caterpillar. In the library we found a garden with playing card people! It didn’t take us long to guess the name of our book.

Alice in Wonderland…

In the assembly the White Rabbit had left clues to help us find our version of the book. Katelyn read the clue and then Alfie helped find it…

We have a version illustrated by Anthony Browne which has many wonderful pictures in it.

Back in class we read the first chapter and then used Anthony Browne’s illustration to inspire our own descriptions and drawings of falling down the rabbit hole.

We are definitely looking forward to the rest of the week, reading more of our book, looking at more illustrations and meeting the other characters in the story.

Term 4 Vile Victorians

Welcome back everyone.

Here are the final pictures of last term’s displays as our blog has been down over the holidays.

We have had a very busy first week ending with our journey back in time to Friday 24th February 1887. But first…

More fractions – this week we have been looking at changing improper fractions into mixed fractions (whole numbers and simple fraction), finding equivalent decimal fractions for tenths and fifths, and addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator.

Wednesday morning we went orienteering at Avon Valley Collage. We won the overall KS2 competition and Mattie and Amelia were the highest scoring pair. Well done everyone. At  the end of the competition all schools were put into mixed teams and had to complete a relay orienteering challenge and Magnus, Charlie, Zara and Devon were in the winning team and also won medals.


Today KS2 came to Woodborough Victorian school.

In Lime Class (class 4) we spent the whole day in the year 1887. We had lessons in the 3Rs – using slates and copybooks – with lots of rote learning and ending the morning with geography. In the afternoon the whole key stage started with drill on the playground and then all the girls came to class 4 to learn decoupage and boys went to lessons to improve their practical skills in design, gardening and technical drawing.

Everyone looked and behaved fantastically. A very specially experience for us all.

To see more take a look at Mrs Brewis’ school blog.

And so to week two of term 4… Book Week! The whole school will be transformed into the world of ‘One Book’, with lots of exciting things going on all week. Please see the Book Week Newsletter for timings.

Our English homework for week two will be handed out on Monday as we are keeping the title of the ‘Book’ top secret until then.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Stay Safe Workshop for year 3&4

This morning Richard came into school to teach Cherry and Lime how to Stay Safe as a follow up to our Anti Bullying Week. He reminded us that bullying is repetitive unkind behaviour and where there is usually an imbalance of power. He told us about the 4 types of bullying that we might encounter:

Physical , Social, Verbal and Cyber 

And how we should respond…

After our Anti-bullying Week, we were very good at answering his questions. (Zara got lots of 10/10s, so lots of house points too!) We especially enjoyed the role play, challenges and games; although getting toothpaste back into the tube was impossible. We must all remember to tell an adult if we think we are being bullied.

Please remember that it is our class assembly next Friday morning, 9:15am. See you all then!