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Yesterday we made Savioardi with Mrs Elsden.

Savioardi is Italian for Ladies Fingers, a traditional Italian cookie. We all made these in our maths lesson to help us with measuring weight – reading scales. We also had to work out how to divide the original recipe, separate eggs, whisk, fold and beat!

They tasted lovely!

Here’s the recipe…

Savioardi sponge fingers recipe

It is Mrs Elsden’s last day on Friday so we would all like to say

THANK YOU and we will miss you.

Good Luck in your next school.

from all in Lime Class xx

Hot Task – Story Writing and Measure in Maths

Last week we completed our English story writing unit with our Hot Task. Everyone worked really hard to use extended noun phrases, fronted adverbials and inverted commas in their writing. Finally they worked in pairs to edit their stories.

Mrs Elsden and Mrs Bethel are making a class book of our stories and have made a display of planning books and some of the stories.

Today, in Maths, we have been comparing measures. Mrs Elsden read ‘Actual Size’ by Steve Jenkins to us – a book about the size of the biggest and smallest animals in the world. We then went outside to draw these measurements on the playground. The results surprised many of us.


Happy 2017!

What has been happening in Lime Class so far this term?

First of all, we welcomed Oscar to our class. He has come all the way from Australia.

Our new topic is ‘Wish you were Here’, a geography topic where we will be focusing on European countries with a coastline on the Mediterranean. As an introduction, we have found and named the Continents and Oceans of the world, used laptops and iPads to find the answers to any questions we had and then we completed a jigsaw map of Europe. We were each given one or two countries to cut out, find in our Atlases and then name. As we put the jigsaw together Mrs Chapman gave us the countries name and flag to put in our books. The completed puzzle is on our display.

In English Mrs Elsden has been teaching us how to improve our story writing. We have been using an Italian folk story as our inspiration. Here are some of our text maps

We performed the introduction in the KS2 school meeting on the first Friday back. We have worked on: expanding our use of adjectives, using inverted commas and starting our paragraphs with fronted adverbials. We are really enjoying this work and will explain more and share the results in our class assembly at the end of this term.

In Maths we have been usingĀ decimals! We have looked at the value of a decimal fraction ( tenths and hundredths) and ordered these. We then looked at decimals in money and measure. We can add and subtract decimals in the context of money😀.

In PE we are doing Judo and Tag Rugby and we are very excited about this! We have had two great judo lessons so far

On Friday we used the paintings of Joan Miro, a Spanish artist, as inspiration for these lovely drawings

Happy New Year everyone

from all in Lime Class
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