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Text Maps and Maths

This week we started the ‘Sound’ part of our science topic with a video clip of sounds around the home. Some were very easy to identify; others not so!

In English we listened to a non-chronological report on Sound. As a class we worked on the introduction and then in groups,  we took a paragraph and thought of our actions and drew our text maps.

When we had all finished we shared them with the rest of the class. It was lovely to see just how many of us could remember so much of our paragraph, with just the help of actions and picture prompts. Keep repeating these to help you when we write our individual non-chronological reports at the end of next week.


To complete our work on subtraction we used ‘Thinking Blocks’ on the iPads to help us visualise word problems. The blocks helped us see what operation (+ or -) we needed to use to solve word problems.

If we know the total (biggest) number and one of the smaller numbers, then we could see that we had to subtract the smaller amount from the total to find the missing amount.

If we were given the two smaller amounts then we could see that we had to add these together to find the total.

The word problems became progressively harder. Some of us complete this first model and had a go at more complex word problems with more than one step required to solve them.

The pantomime came to school on Tuesday afternoon. We had a wonderful time watching Aladdin. We have also been very busy rehearsing for The Little Shepherd. One more week and then performances! Please learn all your words for songs and costumes should be in school on Thursday. We think there may have been some confusion over villagers costumes because of a note on the costume swap email. So just to clarify,  we would like the villagers to wear traditional nativity costumes, similar to shepherds or Joseph and Mary.

Next Friday is our PTA Christmas fayre and we will be making edible stained glass window decorations, so please come along to buy them! Mrs C😀


RE, preparing for Christmas?

Today, Mrs Elsden introduced our new RE topic- Christmas! But don’t worry we didn’t mention Christmas.We were just thinking about signs and symbols. It is amazing how many signs and symbols we recognise and use everyday.

We then designed a new sign or symbol for Lime Class. Mrs Elsden asked us to explain why we chose our designs-what symbols did we use and why?


Midweek Anti-Bullying

On Wednesday we continued our work on distinguishing between being rude, mean and bullying. In groups of 2 or 3 we planned short role play scenes to illustrate these words.

Can you guess which is which? We know that bullying is repeatedly being rude or mean.

Today we looked at Diversity and thought about how we are all unique and important In our own special ways.

We should respect our differences and all get along.

Super Switches

Our electricity lesson this week was all about switches. It began with a video clip reminding us about insulators and conductors and then another showing us how switches can be used to make many different games-including the Operation game we played in the first lesson. We then started by making circuits that included a switch; either one from our electricity box or ones that we have made from tin foil and paper clips. After this we had a go at the Steady Hand, wire and hoop game.

I think you can see that we all had great fun today!


Circuits, Conductors, Calculations and Commas

In science this week, we had to make predictions, test and discuss our results to make conclusions. On Monday we had to look at different pictures of circuits and say which we thought would or wouldn’t work and explain why. We could then make each circuit to see if our predictions were correct. We concluded that-“To make the lamp, motor or buzzer work, you have to have everything connected to each other in a circle or circuit.



On Wednesday, we looked at  circuit diagrams  and how to use the correct symbols for a lamp, cell, motor and a straight line for the wires. We then had to find out which materials were the best conductors. First, we had to find out what a conductor was! We then used our completed lamp circuit, from Monday, to test as many materials as we could think of in the classroom including: rubbers, plastic cups, tin foil, paper clips, white tack, rubber bands, paint brushes and scissors and paper books. Mrs Elsdens group also had potatoes and carrots to try.


In maths we have been using our number facts to 10 and place value to  help us spot four digit addition and subtraction that we can do in our heads. We are all getting  very good at this 😀. We have then tried to use this when using money ( not so easy) and Mrs Chapman has set some homework to help us practise.

Our nonchronological reports are progressing nicely. We have read our ‘Electricity’ information books from the library to find the common features of  non-chronological reports: titles and sub-headings (often questions), paragraphs for each section or type of electricity, technical vocabulary and informative descriptions. There were also lots of pictures and diagrams. We had to ‘magpie’  the words and phrases we would like to use in our own non-chronological reports.

We then made our text map for the introductory paragraph.


Please ask us to show you our actions and recite the paragraph.

In our punctuation and grammar lesson we looked at punctuating this introductory paragraph. We revisited using commas in a list, as the final sentences were very long and impossible to read without commas.

During the week, everyone in school made poppies and Mrs Needham put them in the raised bed  for Friday (please see our school blog for photo). While we were making ours, we were thinking about what these poppies represent. Our Remembrance Day collective worship was a very special time. Well done everyone.

On Friday afternoon Mrs Elsden asked us to listen to a piece of music and draw, on whiteboards, anything that came into our heads. She then told us that the music was called ‘The Storm’ by Benjamin Britten and showed us a video clip that explained why he composed this piece of music. We then listened to the piece while we drew these pictures…


Next week is Anti-Bullying Week, so don’t forget your poster on Monday, if you want to enter the competition. We will be doing lots of work in class during the week and sharing this with you here. We will all have a booklet for parents, in our bags, on Monday evening so please take a look. Let Mrs Chapman know if it is not there.

Term 2 begins, Science- ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Electricity and Sound

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a lovely holiday!

On Monday afternoon we had our first lesson on Electricity.

To start the lesson we all watched a short video clip and had to count as many uses of electricity as we could find. We were all surprised by how many things in our lives rely on electricity of one sort or another.

We then split into small groups and moved around tables with different things on. Each table also had a question to answer.

Remote Control Toys – What makes this toy move?


Operation Game – What causes the buzzer to sound?


Wires, Battery and Bulb – What can you make with these resources?


Finally we discussed our answers and ideas about electricity. We talked about the different types of electricity there are; mains and the National Grid and fuse boxes, batteries, cells and metal, electric shocks and lightning ! Mrs Chapman said our ideas were very interesting. We will spend the rest of the term expanding these ideas and finding the answers to our questions and more!

On Wednesday we designed these ‘Safety around Electricity’ posters.

In English we wrote our ‘cold task’ non chronological reports on electricity and in grammar worked on expanding noun phrases.

In maths we have been using 4 digit numbers and place value,  to order, sort, count on, add and subtract in our heads.


The week ended with our fantastic PTA Bonfire.