Monthly Archives: July 2016

Clay Greek Urns


This afternoon the year 5 had a go at making Greek Urns using the coil method. It was very tricky in the heat but they look very professional.

The year 4 used Modalair but found this even harder to work with in the heat. Oscar and Carter managed to make their pots before it got too crumbly!

Moving on Moving

The new year 4 Lime class had a lovely morning finding out something new about 4 of our class mates. We also drew animal portraits which we are trying to Seesaw.

We are all looking forward to term 1 and finding out about the Romans in Britain.

Day 5

Wow, what a busy week!

This morning the year 4s taught the year 5s how to make their wave collages. The year 5s made smaller individual ones…

It was lovely to share our work with everyone this afternoon.