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Day 4

The year 5 are in Warminster on their CSI day today so the year4 in Lime N have joined us.

Lime C are making collages of Hokusai’s ‘Wave’. They are working in groups of three. They were given three different sheets of paper and asked to think about layering these to create the wave.


Lime N are making pop art posters of their names.

Day 2


This morning we went straight in the hall and completed our birds…

We then looked at the third group of Katsushika Hokusai paintings – flowers and birds – and went outside to do some observational drawings of flowers.

Some of us have also added colour to our landscapes.



Day 1 of Art Week in Lime C



This morning, after Mrs Barrett’s Introduction to Art Week Assembly, we found out a little bit about the life of Katsushika Hokusai, our chosen artist.

He is a very famous Japanese artist who was born in 1760 and lived until he was 89 years old- 1849. He started painting and drawing when he was 6 yrs old and by the time he was 19 he had had his work printed. He changed his style several times throughout his life and changed his name too.

First we looked at his bamboo paintings and tried to copy this style with watercolour…



This afternoon we went into the hall to work with Helena Harris, a local artist, who is going to help us create a whole school art installation. It is going to be a murmuration of birds of paradise, inspired by a murmuration of ¬†starlings. Today we all made our birds…


We then looked at another style of art by Katsushika Hokusai- pen and ink and silk screen prints. We tried line drawings with soft sketching pencils and pen…

More photos of our Steamhorse visitor…

image image image image image image

Thomas demonstrated how the Ancient Greeks tried to cure: headaches, toothache, earache and water on the brain. None of the cures had a very happy or successful ending!

The year 4 and 5’s then retold the story of Hercules Labours, can you recognise any of them?

We also made laurel wreaths.

image image image image image

In the afternoon we had our Olympic Feast with theatre, dance and food.

Photos to follow very soon.

We all had a lovely day.

Key Stage Two Ancient Greek Day

imageOur day started with a look at all our wonderful costumes- thank you to all the parents.

We then met Thomas from Steamhorse who told us all about Ancient Greek life. He explained the city states and rulers, we found out how democracy worked in Athens. Liam was a Greek soldier. We all went outside to be a Greek army. We then returned to the hall to find out about Greek medicine.imageimageimageimageimage