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Instructions, Forces and Sport Relief Wheel Challenge

This week we have been using imperative verbs, adverbs and adjectives in our own instructions (and some parenthesis).
We began last week by following visual instructions; a video (no audio) which demonstrated how to make a paper pirate hat. We then had a go –

P1110640 P1110636 P1110637


In small groups we then made our own videos, using the iPads, with verbal instructions too.
This was great fun and made us realise that we need to be very specific (well done Daniel) and precise with our instructions.

This week we wrote instructions while making our own pirate hats and completed them with the decoration.

We have been investigating Air Resistance and completed the Perfect Parachute Challenge. We will report our findings next week.

Sport Relief – Wheel Challenge Mile
We all joined in with the Sport Relief bike, scooter, run or walk mile that Jo from Bike It organised for us; including ‘rescue the duck’, limbo, beanbag throw and a ramp. Everyone had great fun and looked really healthy after our session. Thank you Jo!

A big thank you to the PTA for another fantastic Easter Bingo night. It was very busy and I think lots of Lime C were lucky in the Bingo or Raffle.

Next week is the last week of this term and our Easter Service is on Wednesday morning, there is no swimming this Wednesday afternoon. Judo is on Thursday afternoon and then there is a final School Meeting after this on Thursday.

Finally just a reminder that all year 4 and 5’s are invited to take part in the Superstrings Folk Music Concert on Wednesday evening, 24th March, at Pewsey Secondary School. We have had our first rehearsal Wednesday and have another on Monday afternoon  (instrumentalists –  please remember your music and instrument!) Please see email for full details or ask at school.


Maths, Matti Hemmings and Friction

Our assembly this morning was a Bike It assembly and Matti Hemmings demonstrated his BMX skills to inspire us to ride our bikes but also to try to be the best we can be at anything we want to do.

We then went back to class to do some maths! We have been looking at formal written methods for division (or the bus stop method). We began by thinking about the order we need to divide and the value of each digit we were looking at. Some of us found using place value counters and frames helpful to see which ‘left over’ numbers needed to be exchanged – the hundreds to tens and tens to ones – and which ones are remainders – the ‘left over’ ones have to be remainders.

In the afternoon it was our turn to have a workshop with Matti Hemmings –  a professional BMX rider and world record holder! He taught us some stunts

and explained some of the forces acting on his bike; especially the effects of friction.

Science It just so happens that in science today we were investigating friction and had to find out which materials would be best for a brake pad on one of Oak’s tricycles.

We will share our findings later in the week.

The rubber block was the best material to use because it created the most friction. We were surprised by the silk result as we thought it would take a while to stop the wheel as it was smooth but it didn’t. We watched a video clip that magnified materials and then we thought that silk would have lots of tiny bits that would cause friction. We also noticed that all of the materials were hot after our experiment and the rubber was the hottest.


Final Day of Book Week

Our final day of book week started with a workshop with Bernie Howley (a real living, breathing poet). The year 5’s worked with the year 6 and the yr4’s worked with yr3.P1110525 - Copy P1110519 - Copy P1110518 - Copy

We enjoyed this and the end results were performed in School Meeting.

performance poem

Also in school meeting –

The winners of the performance poem competition were announced.

We watched a movie of some of the book reviews – to see this take a look at the reading blog.

A wonderful week was had by all.

World Book day, which means dressing up day at Woodborough!

We have had a wonderful day full of poetry, stories and performance.

P1110446 P1110445 P1110444 P1110443

Here are more of our ‘shelfies’, this time in costume…P1110459 P1110460 P1110463 P1110468 P1110467 P1110466 P1110469 P1110470 P1110471 P1110475 P1110474 P1110473 P1110476

Here are just a few of our completed poems…

P1110503 P1110502 P1110501 P1110500 P1110499 P1110498 P1110497 P1110496

and from the year 4’s yesterday

P1110506 P1110505 P1110504

We watched Michael Rosen perform ‘Chocolate Cake’ and we were all enthralled.

P1110490 P1110489

Our performance poetry was judged after lunch. Congratulations to Josephine who was our class winner and Jake, Daniel and Georgina were commended. Mrs Chapman and Mrs Lowe were pleased they did not have to decide because we thought everyone was excellent.

performance poetry 1

performance poetry 2

We are all looking forward to tomorrow; working with a poet and sharing all our hard work in the Book Week school meeting which starts at 2:30.

Well done everybody you have all worked very hard this week and we have had lots of fun too.


Poetry, Book Reviews, Shelfies, Green Screens and Debating!

More news on Book Week so far…

Today we have been very busy presenting our woodland walk poems, completing our book reviews and then having our ‘shelfies’ taken. We then used the green screen to video our reviews.P1110405 P1110406 P1110407 P1110408 P1110411 P1110412 P1110422 P1110423 P1110424


The year 5’s spent an hour this afternoon learning more about debating; we found out about the House of Commons and how debates are used to decide on our laws. We looked at the rules of debating – you need a chairperson or speaker and then a group to propose (support) the motion and a group to oppose (speak against) the motion, after the debate they vote and a democratic decision is made. We then held our own  mini debates… we have some budding politicians.

Book review 1

Book review 2