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Book Week

Book Week started, for Lime C, with a walk to the woods where we found inspiration for our outdoor poems. We took clipboards to make notes and sketches, iPads to take photos and the class camera too.

We had to look, listen, feel and smell, taking in and enjoying our surroundings.

Here are some of the photographs we took and a video recording of the birds singing too.

Bird Song

We were all inspired by our trip and will post some of our poems when they are finished.

This afternoon we shared Sycamore Classes favourite books…

As always, we enjoyed this very much.

End of term 3.

We have had a very busy final week of term: writing our amazing stories; crazy Charleston dancing and completing a challenging Kahoot quiz to round off our topic.

Here are some of our story beginnings…

One stormy night a tornado appeared out of nowhere. Riley woke up and looked out of his window. He saw a mysterious doorway. The door was colourful and squeaky. He was amazed, he’d never seen anything like it before.                Ashley


My eyes opened slowly I felt very faint, I tried to get up but I just fell back to the floor. I did manage to get a quick glimpse of my surrounding’s though, it was dusty and the floor was like red rock I’d never seen anything like it, well I was only twelve years old. Where was I and why what was I doing here?           Bonnie


Far, far away in a place full of secrets and mysteries that only the select few knew about.             Georgina


At first it was just gentle creeks, after a while it got louder occasionally you could hear the faint sound of a violin.               Honey


“Anne, why do you have to give us measles?” exclaimed Tom. He was so annoyed.

“I didn’t mean to do on it purpose!” Shouted Anne.         Jed


Bang! The lightning woke carrot up.        Will B

Moves 6 to 10 and making our own sequences…P1110334 P1110336 P1110338

Bonnie was our Kahoot champion but it was very close and we have all learnt lots this term. Here are a couple more of our completed drawings too…P1110344 P1110345 P1110346

The year 5 went to the RE Life Experience and had a fantastic time.

We all have our holiday homework!

Have a great holiday and see you on Monday 22nd February.

Mrs C


Week 5

We have really enjoyed our topic this term. We have found out lots of interesting facts about many different landmarks in North America.

In art this week we listened to native American music while drawing Native American and Mexican art…

In maths we have been working on multiplication and division – finding multiples and factors. We have been preparing for our multiplication awards next week.


Dance and poetry

We are finding our new PE unit a challenge however we are making great progress and will all be able to enter ‘Strictly’ next year. So long as we can do the Charleston every week!P1090339 P1090338 P1090337 P1090336

We know 10 different 'moves' and we each have our own favourites.
We know 10 different ‘moves’ and we each have our own favourites.

Our target to memorize a short poem by the end of term is coming along nicely. We copied and decorated our choices as homework…P1110303 P1110302

Last week we also started a unit on writing stories. We had a look at the Radio 2, 500 Words competition website and read several of last years top 50 entries. We are going to use this site to inspire us. Some of us are already writing stories to enter at home.

Our completed river display…


In the last Key Stage 2 school meeting we shared our completed display. We are very pleased with the end result.

Oscar and Luca read their fantastic ‘Explanation of the Water Cycle’.P1110297

We have all been working very hard on these in our English lessons. We have been working in pairs to help each other use more ambitious conjunctions, technical vocabulary, formal and passive voice and finally to edit our work and write up our final drafts.

These are now on our Geography display.
These are now on our Geography display.

P1110298 P1110299