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Road Safety and then Shape in Maths

This week started with a walk along our School path to remind us of the importance of crossing the road safely. We wore our high visibility vests and Ms Dexter was ready in her role as crossing patrol. Mrs Brewis reminded us of all the rules:walking with younger siblings on the inside of us; staying with an adult at all times; walking sensibly,concentrating on the road, and walking correctly around the barriers. She also asked us to remember our neighbours and try to be quiet while we are walking along the field path. 


Maths 3D Shape

We then had great fun naming and describing the properties of 3D shape. 


We used Carroll Diagrams to sort the shapes.  

I made this dodecahedron from a net. A dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces.
We made a pyramid with 8 straws
I made this dodecahedron and a icosahedron with Polydron.
Woody made these shapes and could describe their properties.
I made this icosahedron, it has 20 equilateral triangular faces.

Harvest and Welcome Service 

image image

Lime C were asked to think about wood for the Harvest Service.

We began by thinking about all the things we could think of that were made of wood. We came up with some fantastic ideas. Some of us brought  things in from home, others found things in school and then we all helped make our pictures for the rest.

We then wrote our own prayers and then took everyone’s ideas for our class prayer that Luke, Woody, Jack and Chris read out this morning.

Mrs Chapman was very proud of our work. 😀


Anglo Saxons-Invaders and Settlers

This afternoon we leant about Invaders and Settlers. We split into two groups, one were the Britons and the other were Anglo Saxons. We then split into families and had to act out how we would feel if we saw a boat coming or if we were on the boat. Tom

These pictures depict how we decided we would react. 

1. We are Anglo Saxons and we are going to Invade and fight for land, money and treasure.


2. We are Anglo Saxons and we want to settle. We have cows on our boat and we need good grassland for them.  

We are Britons and we would run away from the invaders.
We are Britons and we would hide in the forest until the invaders were in our village and then we would attack.

5. We are Anglo Saxons and we are hoping to settle. We have our families with us. 


6.We are Britons and we would stand in a circle, on a hill and fight to defend our village.  

Our First Topic Session

We are all now very excited to find out more about the Anglo Saxons!

Today we designed our Topic Book covers and then had a class discussion about a British History Timeline. We discovered we already know a lot of history and we were able to put lots of events and dates on our timelines. We also looked at the BBC History Timeline to check our dates and periods in history were in the right order. 



First Day

We had a great first day as year 4 and 5.

In the morning we shared our Extreme Read adventures and then had our first ERIC  session in our guided reading groups. After break we looked at numbers and place value, making huge numbers.

In the afternoon we had our first badminton lesson, some of us were pretty good! We then investigated the Anglo Saxons on laptops- BBC History. 

We also had an unexpected visitor in the afternoon…a froglet was discovered on the carpet during register! He was a term early as we are looking at plants and animals next term!🐸